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Group Rules

(( Edited August 18th))

New Rules for the Monster Girls Group

How to apply for membership

Please make sure to include a link to a monster girl related work you have done in your inquiry!!! or else you will be declined.

Quaility control: Here at Monster girl fans we are lenient as far as quality goes, we only ask you to be sure the picture your submitting is colored/finalized to some extent, anything that is not finalized/Very sketchy/partly colored or a WIP/Sketch Please put in the Sketch/WIPs/Doodles

:bulletred: All Submissions should be placed in the correct folder PLEASE double check for this, we WILL decline anything that is submitted to the wrong folder, if your monster girl is ambiguious ((IE Slimegirl/Lavaelemental or River Naga-snakewoman/Mermaid)) Attach a comment to your submission or send the group of note with a link to the picture you are submitting, if you do not it may be declined on grounds of being in the incorrect folder

:bulletgreen: We DO allow monster girl characters in outside of original content (IE darkstalkers characters/skullgirls/homestuck trolls etc) also long as it follows the other rules of submissions of course

:bulletred: Content such as Vorarephila, Macrophilia (gts), Heavy fetish/sexual content are not allowed. If the main focus of your picture is any of thee above please do not submit, Examples which will commonly be declined are pictures with obvious penetration ((as with dA's rules even if it's censored it is still breaking the rules)) of the mouth/buttocks/vagina etc. This also includes suggestive "liquids" on the monster girl ((we all know thats not melted ice cream lol)) Ecchi/fan service is allowed to an extent as is nudity as long as it is not overtly sexualized. ((slight fondling/kissing/hugging portrayed in the picture is ok)) 75% of the picture focus is of the said monster girls Breasts/Genitalia/Buttocks.

:bulletred: Furries/Anthromophic creatures are also not allowed, the line between the two can sometimes blur for some people but I shall try to clarify best I can. If your monster girl has a snout/animal like facial structure or is more then 75-80% animal/monster it is not allowed.

:bulletred: Please keep in mind. We mean no prejudice against any artists who make these sorts of works, this group was made to showcase monster girls and we try our best to stick to that main theme as much as possible so please respect these rules, if you feel a submission was wrongfully declined send us a polite note to discuss it, we are more than happy to talk things out and explain why a deviation was not accepted.

:bulletred: Submission limit The limit for submissions is two per day

That;s all for now! Feel free to ask questions add suggestions and all that stuff ALSO I;ma have to keep a VERY close eye on things since for some reason I am unable to set a limit on submissions so if anyone can help out with that please do.

Also feel free to come chat with us =)…

Group Info

A group dedicated to half monster creatures with creativity in every corner. Do you like Mermaids, Nagas, Arachnids, Centaurs and any and all other Monster girls? then come on and join!
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Gallery Folders

Aliens and Robots
Spirit beings, elves, genies and Faries
Vampires, Witches and the Undead
Group pics
BW, Sketches, Doodles, Lineart, and WIP's
To start off the new year right since it is the year of the horse here are some lovely centaurs from both in our group and across dA! Give them and the artists who drew them some love! =D

   Centaur 2014 by Naniiebim

Last of her kind by SteveDelamare  Centauree by Aubane Female centaur ranger by ghstkatt 30day Monster Challenge - 02 Centaur by Oyee centaur by raulovsky Centaur Harper by neral85 Centaur by control5 Monster 2 - Centaur by Myrmirada centaur by fallen-eye Centaur Girl Smirk-giggle by mozer1a0xcentaur revisited again by GreenAce Female Centaur by Orcaleon Curious little Moff... by StressedJenny Amarena by artemisio Day 2 Centaur by relydazedcanvas Centaur by stroggtank Deer centaur by saeto15 lone mare by AlsaresNoLynx Kiriban - Lahbell by Armide centaur 3 by Sophia-M Centaur by Galah-momo centaur by Lullu13 Centaur Girl by Mospineq North American Indian Centaur by SYoshiko 30 DMG Day 02 Centaur by MatthewRHumphreys Centaur by krickelkrakel Circus Carousel Corset Centaur by Tiikeri MGC - Centaur by Sadyna Day 2 - Centaur by skybrush Centaur girl by Owlet-in-chest Centaur Rancher by fuye

if you have been featured and do not want to be send a note to the group and we will remove your picture

Skin by jonarific
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What is your favorite monster girl? 

56 deviants said Nagas
53 deviants said Succubi/Demons
32 deviants said Other ((really wish polls had more then 10 slots))
31 deviants said Slimes
22 deviants said Arachnes/Driders
22 deviants said Nekos/Cat girls
19 deviants said Mermaids
17 deviants said Harpies
14 deviants said Centaurs
13 deviants said Faries




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