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The lair of MonsterGirls

Group Rules

(( Jan 1st 2016))

New Rules for the Monster Girls Group

How to apply for membership

Please make sure to include a link to a monster girl related work you have done in your inquiry!!! or  else you will be declined. If you do not have any monster girl art to contribute you are still free to watch and enjoy!

Quality control: Here at Monster girl fans we are lenient as far as quality goes, we  only ask you to be sure the picture your submitting is colored/finalized to some extent, anything that is not finalized/Very sketchy/partly colored or a WIP/Sketch Please put in the Sketch/WIPs/Doodles. This includes traditional art that is blurry/hard to see/not scanned well

new   :bulletgreen: Submission limit  The limit for submissions is five per week

:bulletred:  All Submissions should be placed in the correct folder PLEASE double check for this, we WILL decline anything that is submitted to the wrong folder, if your monster girl is ambiguous ((IE Slimegirl/Lava Elemental or River Naga-snake woman/Mermaid)) Attach a comment to your submission or send the group of note with a link to the picture you are submitting, if you do not it may be declined on grounds of being in the incorrect folder.

new  :bulletred: We will  officially no longer be allowing any Photography/Photomanipulations, Poser/3D art.

:bulletred:  Content such as Vorarephilia, Macrophilia (gts), Heavy fetish/sexual content are not allowed. If the main focus of your picture is any of thee above please do not submit as it will be declined, Examples which will commonly be declined are pictures with obvious penetration ((as with dA's rules even if it's censored it is still breaking the rules)) of the mouth/buttocks/vagina etc. This also includes suggestive "liquids" on the monster girl ((we all know that's not melted ice cream nor is that a popsicle))  
Fan service is allowed to an extent as is nudity as long as it is not overtly sexualized. ((slight fondling/kissing/hugging portrayed in the picture is ok,)) If 75% of the picture focus is of the said monster girls Breasts/Genitalia/Buttocks that is also something not accepted.

new :bulletred: we will no longer be allowing adoptables/ych's within the group. We feel there are other better groups for those to submit to, we want this to have fantastic and finalized Monster Girl art. However when a YCH is finalized/colored in it will be accepted into the group! Just not during the bidding/selling process

:bulletred:  Furries/Anthromorphic creatures are also not allowed, the line between the two can sometimes blur for some people but I shall try to clarify best I can. If your monster girl has a snout/animal like facial structure or is more than 75-80% animal/monster it will not be accepted into the group.  If she has no snout, and just a animal nose ((some nekos often have this, or nagas with nose slits)) that is now accepted.

new :bulletred: Artworks that have Extremely large obstructing watermarks or Patreon marks/banners will also not be accepted if it takes up more than 1/6th of the picture

:bulletred:   Please keep in mind. We mean no prejudice against any artists who make these sorts of works, this group was made to showcase monster girls and we try our best to stick to that main theme as much as possible so please respect these rules, if you feel a submission was wrongfully declined send us a polite note to discuss it, we are more than happy to talk things out and explain why a deviation was not accepted.

:bulletgreen: We DO allow monster girl characters in outside of original content (IE darkstalkers characters/skullgirls/homestuck trolls etc) also long as it follows the other rules of submissions of course

If your art IS declined, you are always free to ask why, one of our mods will try to answer you ASAP

That's all for now! Feel free to ask questions add suggestions and all that stuff ALSO I;ma have to keep a VERY close eye on things since for some reason I am unable to set a limit on submissions so if anyone can help out with that please do.

Also feel free to come chat with us =)…

Gallery Folders

Winter Contest
Elves, Fairies and Genies
Vampires, Ghosts and Undead
Couples and Groups
Misc Monster Girls
Sketches, Lineart and WIP's

Countdown to Monster Girl Winter Contest!

Tuesday, March 15th @ 6:00am

Hurry and Submit!

If you would like to donate points to help towards prizes please donate to :iconmonster-girl-fan:
Hello everyone and Happy New Years!!! We have some new updates for the year I wanna make sure you all know! for one, we're making some revisions to our rules!

Some key highlights and changes

New submission limit of 5 per week

We will no longer be accepting Photography/Photomanips or Poser art

The adoptables/ych folder will be removed and adoptables/ych's will no longer be allowed. However Finalized Ych's are still allowed

We are easing up on our Anthro/Furry limits, not by much, but if a Neko Has a cat nose, and no snout they will not be declined as they used to be in the past.

Artworks with large and obstructing watermarks & advertisement that takes up a large portion of the picture will no longer be allowed.

To read these updates in greater detail see here!


These rules are not set in stone of course, and we are still discussing other updates to rules, if any others are made, I will update the rules journal accordingly.

Now, for the first time in a long time

Winter Monster Girl Contest!!

The contest theme is, as it says on the tin Monster Girls during Winter. Will you draw a naga curled up in front of a warm fireplace to hide from the cold outside? a Harpy roosting in her nest with a scarf on? A Centaur wearing mittens? a ice elemental enjoying the best time of the year for her?  There are far more creative ideas then these and we want to see them!!

Pictures will be judged on

Overall Artistic Skill




1st place : 1000 dA Points and a permanent feature in a contest winners folder/widget on the page!

2nd place: dA 600 Points!

3rd place: dA 200 Points!

<b< Contest rules

-Your submission MUST adhere to the group rules, no exceptions

-It must fit the theme in some way/shape or form

-Only one entry per person

-Can not be traced/copied or stolen, if we discover your entry is any of these you will be banned from the group.

-Must be a fully finished drawing! no wips/sketches!

-Must be a NEW piece of work, which means if you submitted it before Jan 1st it can not be a contest entry

-You must submit TO the contest folder, if it is submitted elsewhere, we may not know it's an entry

The winners will be voted upon by the group moderators

The deadline for entries  March 15 2016!

More Journal Entries

Group Info

A group dedicated to half monster creatures with creativity in every corner. Do you like Mermaids, Nagas, Arachnids, Centaurs and any and all other Monster girls? then come on and join!
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Jan 1, 2010


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