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The lair of MonsterGirls

Group Rules

(( Edited Jan 21 2015))

New Rules for the Monster Girls Group

How to apply for membership

Please make sure to include a link to a monster girl related work you have created in your inquiry!!! or else you will be declined.

Quaility control: Here at Monster girl fans we are lenient as far as quality goes, we only ask you to be sure the picture your submitting is colored/finalized to some extent, anything that is not finalized/Very sketchy/partly colored or a WIP/Sketch Please put in the Sketch/WIPs/Doodles.

:bulletred: All Submissions should be placed in the correct folder PLEASE double check for this, we WILL decline anything that is submitted to the wrong folder, if your monster girl is ambiguous ((IE Slimegirl/Lava Elemental or River Naga/Lamia/Mermaid)) Attach a comment to your submission or send the group of note with a link to the picture you are submitting, if you do not it may be declined on grounds of being in the incorrect folder.

:bulletgreen: We DO allow monster girl characters in outside of original content (IE darkstalkers characters/skullgirls/homestuck trolls etc) also long as it follows the other rules of submission

:bulletred: Submissions to Featured are not allowed.

:bulletred: All works submitted MUST BE YOUR OWN or you must have clear permission to be posting another artists work on your page. If you submit something that is note entirely your work ((either entirely stolen, premade sprites/icons such as through gaiaonline)) it will be Declined.

:bulletred: Content such as Vorarephila, Macrophilia (gts), Lactation, Inflation, BE, Heavy fetish/sexual content are not allowed. If the main focus of your picture is any of thee above it will be declined.

Examples which will commonly be declined are pictures with obvious penetration ((as with dA's rules even if it's censored it is still breaking the rules)) of the mouth/buttocks/vagina etc. This also includes suggestive "liquids" on the monster girl ((we all know that's not melted ice cream)) Ecchi/fan service is allowed to an extent as is nudity as long as it is not overtly sexualized if 75% of the picture focus is of the said monster girls Breasts/Genitalia/Buttocks it will be declined. ((slight fondling/kissing/hugging portrayed in the picture is ok))

:bulletred: Furries/Anthromophic creatures are also not allowed, the line between the two can sometimes blur for some people but I shall try to clarify best I can. If your monster girl has a snout/animal like facial structure or is more then 75-80% animal/monster it is not allowed. Basically if it has a beak or snout, it's out.

:bulletred: Please keep in mind. We mean no prejudice against any artists who make these sorts of works, this group was made to showcase monster girls and we try our best to stick to that main theme as much as possible so please respect these rules, if you feel a submission was wrongfully declined send us a polite note to discuss it, we are more than happy to talk things out and explain why a deviation was not accepted.

:bulletred: Submission limit The limit for submissions is two per day per person. If you are seen going over this you will be warned, if you persist you will be removed from the group.

That;s all for now! Feel free to ask questions add suggestions and all that stuff ALSO I;ma have to keep a VERY close eye on things since for some reason I am unable to set a limit on submissions so if anyone can help out with that please do.

Also feel free to come chat with us =)…
Third Annual Demon Girl Appreciation Day by TheEnglishGent

now I know today is Star wars day BUT it is also the 3rd annual DEMON GIRL APPRECIATION DAY. Lets show our love for those amazing ladies with horns, wings, tails, short and tall, skinny or chubby and anything inbetween! <3

    Succubus by M1keN

Mature Content

Forest altar by fluffninja
Demoness Appreciation by Monster-LadiesSuccube-enchainee by masteraranDemon Girl Appreciation Day by shadowblade316Succubus by MaterArsenic
Comm.- Suiish by stringmouseOni by Loen91

Mature Content

commission Ellie  the Succubus by CafeOffender
rhodolite garnet by len-yanNia 2 by bocodamondoMorrigan Aensland commission by AlessandroGazzoli
Another Sexy Succubus by GalateasFireSuccubus by uchihakagura1

Mature Content

Magdalene by 5-ish
Mara back wip by JandieMeraii

Mature Content

1206 Pwyw Mechanized by xenthyl

Mature Content

Succubus by stickerb

Mature Content

Nipplewings by JandieMeraii

Mature Content

Bio Hazard Practice by CamillaClementine
Punk Tiefling by KotorchixMyserra by JohnDylenaIlassa by monorusAgnes wow ok by ritobo
Succubus by istarloveEvangeline The Sexy Succubus by IDarkShadowILaced by C3NTRIC

Mature Content

Succubus Girl by Plixik
[Design] Harley Cooper by DazzlingEndSuccubus by NeoArtCorE

If you submit any picture for demon girl appreciation day we will feature it!!! Make sure to let us know if we haven't or if you have demon girl art you'd like featured!

If a picture of yours is featured and you'd rather it not be just ask and we will remove it!

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A group dedicated to half monster creatures with creativity in every corner. Do you like Mermaids, Nagas, Arachnids, Centaurs and any and all other Monster girls? then come on and join!
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Are you going to take part in Demon Girl Appreciation day on May 4th!? 

37 deviants said No but I'll enjoy seeing what others draw
23 deviants said Heck yea! Third Annual Demon Girl Appreciation Day by TheEnglishGent
7 deviants said Nah not that into it

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MinekoLucky Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do dullahans count as monster girls?
SirXeno Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015
Think this is my new  favorite group =p
Genyun Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Is there a reason you no longer accept 3D renders? I'm just curious as it was a random rule to just suddenly implement.
nothingsp Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2015
Primarily because it turned out to mostly be a dump category for people's terrible, gawdawful-ugly Poser renderings of taxidermied-virtual-porn-star models with one or two alterations made to technically fit them into the "monster-girl" category, and us moderators all got really tired of having to look at/sift through mountains of that crap in hopes of finding one or two submissions that were even remotely not-appalling.
Genyun Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
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